I just love this first shot of baby Darcie. It was the end of our session and everyone was getting a little tired but when I looked down and saw the light falling on her and the bedspread so beautifully, I just had to take one last photograph. Turns out it’s our favourite shot, she just looks so angelic and peaceful there….

baby photography dublin

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Meet gorgeous 18 month old baby Danny. He was a photographer’s dream. Just look at those amazing big eyes and he didn’t seem the slightest bit perturbed by the cameras. We had loads of fun reading books, hanging out with granny & granddad and thanks to Danny’s determination we got to go out into the garden to play golf in the snow! He even had his own little set of clubs and he seemed to know exactly what to do with them. Thanks so much Kathryn & Steve for asking us to photograph Danny, he’s an absolute darling.

Baby Photographer Dublin Baby Photography Dublin Baby Portraits Dublin Baby Photography Dublin Baby Photos Dublin Baby Photographer Dublin Baby Portraits Dublin Baby Photos Dublin Baby Photography Dublin

All images © Allegria Photography


I’m very excited to share this blog post – the results of my very first overseas shoot. I went to London a couple of weeks ago and got to meet Teddy, the adorable 11 month old live-wire! I spent a couple of hours with him and his mom & dad in their beautiful home in Twickenham. The highlight of the session, especially for Teddy was bath time. At this age the session totally revolves around what the child is interested in and wants to do, that way it’s fun for everyone and allows for true and natural expressions which is what we’re all about.

Thanks Delanie & Max for inviting me to your lovely home and for being so welcoming….you made my first London photo shoot an absolute pleasure.

Baby Photography Dublin Baby Photographer Dublin Baby Photos Dublin Baby Portraits Dublin Family Photography Dublin Family Photos Dublin Family Portraits Dublin Baby Photographer Dublin

All images © Allegria Photography

It was so wonderful to get to photograph beautiful baby Dearbhla. Deirdre is a very good friend of ours from our Hong Kong days and it was so great to be able to document these very early days with baby Dearbhla for her & Diarmuid. There is so much to love about this photo session. I love Dearbhla’s elegant pianist’s fingers. I love that Deirdre’s dad hand-made the cradle for them & her mother crocheted a vast array of beautifully coloured blankets. I love the image of her latching on to Diarmuid’s finger and the one of her nestled close to Deirdre’s heart. In the time since the shoot, she has already changed dramatically, so it’s wonderful to have captured these very early moments of her life.

Baby_Photographer_Dublin Baby_Photos_Dublin Baby_Photography_Dublin Newborn_Baby_Photography_Dublin Baby_Portraits_Dublin

All images © Allegria Photography

A beautiful little family photography session we photographed recently. 3 month old Elena was a dream to photograph and seemed completely at ease with the camera. She was such a smiley little thing and was at that great interactive age which allows us to capture wonderful images of parents & baby engaging and having lots of fun.

baby_photographer_dublin baby_portraits_dublin baby_photos_dublin baby_photography_dublinbaby_photographs_dublinfamily_photos_dublin

All images © Allegria Photography

Meet 14 month old Christina – a gorgeous little girl we photographed recently. This first shot of her just captures her to perfection I think. The photo session was very much led by what she wanted to do – which is the way we love it! We followed her around, played, and generally captured her hanging out with her mom & dad doing the things she normally does. Martina & Ciaran, thanks so much for allowing us into your home to photograph your beautiful little girl – she is such a sweetheart!


All images © Allegria Photography

Meet 8 week old little baby Sophie. She was a little ray of sunshine on what was otherwise a very grey & dismal day! I just love how expressive she is. Look at those eyes and she has the most amazing head of hair. She was the sweetest little girl and a joy to photograph.


All images © Allegria Photography

I love this recent family shoot with beautiful baby Clodagh who was just two weeks old when we photographed her. She looked so tiny & new.

This first image is one of my favourites from the day! They look so happy and I love the light streaming in from behind.



All images © Allegria Photography

If you’d like to have your newborn baby photographed in the comfort of your own home, you can email us here or call us on: 087 2811067. To capture the real newborn look you should have your baby photographed in the first two weeks of life. We look forward to photographing you & your new arrival.


We captured some lovely intimate moments of William with his Mom & Dad in their home. He was a little dream to photograph…he fell off to sleep which allowed us to get some beautiful sleepy shots and woke up towards the end in great form and he even let us try some hats on him as you’ll see below….



I just couldn’t resist including a few of these. A good friend of the family had knitted this sweet hat as a gift for William and he seemed very happy to model it!



All images © Allegria Photography


Rory had just turned 5 weeks old when we photographed him with his mom & dad a couple of weeks ago. He was a little delight from the second we got there – he had just woken up and was so content to have his photograph taken. I love the photos we got of all three of them, this gorgeous new little family hanging out. I think for a while they even forgot we were there!


All images © Allegria Photography


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